Ways To Update Your Rental

Take It Outside

Reworking the outside might be one of the best ways to add some luxury to your rental home. You may want to have a bit of a hands-on approach, and design your yard space to be your own special haven. Whether you want a deck to have a cookout, or a yard-spanning garden that you can grow your own food from, the backyard is an excellent place to add a bit of color and luxurious flair without causing any upsets with the owners. Simply by arranging potted plants and stringing lanterns along the fencing, you can achieve an instant luxury feel. Removable solar powered lights can be placed along pathways and around patios to bring a warm, inviting feeling to your yard. Accessories like these are easily removed at the end of your tenancy, keeping your landlord happy, and enabling you to easily move your home to your next property.

Update The Kitchen

Nowadays, Americans are preparing their own meals at home much more often than eating out. That means that more time is being spent in the kitchen, so make sure yours is as welcoming of a place as you can make it. Consider touchless gadgets and smart appliances to replace old faucets or boring refrigerators to make your time spent cooking feel like a modern luxury. Use lighting to highlight the areas of the kitchen you’re most happy with, and bring out color with matching kitchen appliances and accessories. Taking small steps like these enables you to bring out the luxury of your home without making any permanent changes to the property.

Update The Bathroom

One thing that most landlords won’t be concerned with is with tenants customizing their restroom a bit. It’s important to look at how much time you spend in each room and make your luxurious renovations accordingly. If you’re the type that loves a long, comfortable bath, you may want to consider adding a bit of luxury to your bathroom. An easy way to do this is with smart speakers. Voice-activated gadgets make it easy to make phone calls and play music from your relaxing bath. Best of all, you won’t need to do any hard work or upset your landlord. All you have to do is pair your speaker with your phone! Candles also work well in the bathroom, and adding ornaments and artwork around a theme can make the space truly feel like your own.

Indoor Gardening

California is beautiful, but sometimes you may want to just stay inside for a while. You can turn the inside into a garden with a few gadgets and a bit of effort. There’s a great mental boon to turning your living space into a luxurious living garden, while providing beautiful decorations as well. To really amp up the luxury, look for plants that also bring fragrance to your home: geranium and lavender are good for this.

Regal Lighting

Luxury is an aesthetic, so do what you can to make your living space feel royal. Get rid of your boring lamp and replace it with a standing chandelier, or safely install some candles. You’ll be feeling like royalty in your updated living space with just a few lighting changes. Placing lamps in different areas of the home can create warm pools of light that highlight the spaces you’re most proud of and add a sense of elegance and luxury.

Luxurious living is an easy and non-invasive goal to achieve. With a few improvements, you’ll be able to live in the lap of luxury without having to upset your landlord. If you’re in doubt on whether your renovation is acceptable, don’t hesitate to contact the homeowners for clearance so that you don’t cross any lines.