Jamison Management Company is an Equal Opportunity Housing provider.

It is the policy of this Company to screen all applicants for an apartment on these premises according to the guidelines below.

Complete Rental Application

  • Applicant must provide accurate and honest answers for all fields on the application. If a field is not applicable, applicant must write “NIA” in the field. Individual applications are required from each proposed occupant 18 years of age or older and all applications must be submitted in order to be considered complete.


  • Applicant must provide a valid government issued identification card and social security card.

Positive Rental History

  • “We reserve the right to deny an application if we cannot verify rental history.”
rental application
Income Requirements

Income Requirements

Applicant(s) must earn verifiable monthly gross income equal to or greater than 2.5 times the monthly rent. Income from all adult applicants may be combined to meet this income requirement.

  • Employed Applicants must provide a copy of the three latest paycheck stubs for income verification.
  • Self-employed Applicants must provide a copy of their latest Federal year tax return and business license, as applicable. In lieu of the tax return, applicant may provide a copy of the last three bank statements showing deposits greater than four times the month.
  • Students must provide a copy of their student ID, their current class schedule and verifiable income. A Guarantor may be used if applicant does not qualify alone. In such case, the Guarantor must earn at least four times the monthly rent and be approved with good credit.

Criminal Background Check

  • Applicant may not have any violent or drug related felonies on record. Applicant may not have been convicted of any crimes against person, property or drug related offense within seven years of disposition, release or parole.
  • Occupancy Limit: Two people per bedroom, plus one.
  • Renter’s Insurance: Upon approval, residents agree to obtain an insurance policy that will cover property damage and personal property loss. Residents shall provide proof of insurance in the amount of $100,000 and name the owner as an “additional insured”. Proof of renewal must be submitted within ten (10) days of occupancy.​

Fair to Good Credit Record

Applicant must have fair to good credit to qualify

  • Applicant may not have any prior evictions.
  • Applicant may not have any open bankruptcies.
  • If applicant has prior bankruptcies, applicant must have good credit since the bankruptcy.
  • Applicant may not have any outstanding collections with prior apartment communities or landlords exceeding $150.
  • The majority of all trade accounts must be in good standing.