Agent Referral Program

Jamison Management Company is a full-service property management company that values our relationship with real estate agents across the country. We will always refer an owner back to an agent if they decide to sell.

We partner with the most qualified Realtors and Real Estate Agents as part of a best-in-class, mutually beneficial Agent referral program.

  1. Join Our Network: Submit your contact and referral information to become a qualified Agent in our Preferred Agent network. You can fill out the form below to get started.
  2. As A Partner: Enjoy regular updates, newsletters, and information about our company.
  3. Earning Referral Fees: Once you’re part of our network, submit your referrals through the provided form in our communications with you, or by returning here to sumbit your referral.
  4. Referral Updates: Upon receiving your client’s information, we will keep you updated on their status with us, and if they choose us as a management company, you’ll be elligible for a referral fee!
  1. Referral Submission: Once you’re part of our network, submit your referrals through the provided form or by contacting our team directly.
  2. Client Engagement: When we receive a referral from you, we engage with your client promptly.
  3. Referral Fee Payment: Upon receiving the first month’s management fee from your referred client, we promptly issue your referral fee. You or your Broker will receive a check for the agreed-upon amount.
  4. Stay on Board: We will keep you in our Preferred Agent Network, so, in the future, you can easily refer to us again, or, if your client is ready to sell their property (or buy another), we will refer them back to you!