Your rent is due on the first of every month. Your payment is payable to Jamison Management Company. We allow a three day grace period. If the 3rd day of the month falls on a weekend or a holiday, you have the next business day to make your rent payment without incurring a late fee. If you are making a payment after the 10th of the month, please deliver your rent payment, in the form of a cashier’s check or money order, directly to your resident manager or to our office located at 107 W. Torrance Blvd. Suite 104, Redondo Beach, CA 90277. Our office hours are Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. To help safeguard against bank fraud, to avoid lost or stolen money orders and to provide better bookkeeping practices, all payments made prior to the 10th of the month are to be made by electronic payment, except for the first month’s rent and security deposit. Residents have the option of paying electronically via one of the following payment methods:

  1. Pay your rent online via our tenant web portal: To do this, please email with your property address and unit number and a staff member will email you directions to set-up your password for your tenant web portal where you can continue to make payments each month and also make repair requests or see your tenant balance. You can find the link to our tenant web portal here. You can also go to this link. If you choose to make a payment from your checking account, this method of payment is FREE. If you pay with a credit card or debit card the fee is 3.5% plus $2.95 per transaction.
  2. Request we auto debit your bank account each month: Ask your manager or email for a form to fill out authorizing us to auto debit your bank account each month on the 1st, 2nd or 3rd of each month. You may also set-up a monthly auto debit options via by logging onto your tenant web portal. No fees apply!
  3. Use cash pay option at participating retailors instead of money orders or cashier’s checks:We will provide you with a card that has a unique number on it that will be registered to your account with us. With this card, you can go to any Walmart, Kmart, Ace Cash Location, or other participating retailor. Just give the retail agent your card, your cash payment and let them know you are there to make a “Paylease Community Payment”. Collect a receipt and you’re done. For participating locations, visit this link. Ask your onsite manager or email and we will provide you with a card and directions on how to use it. A $4 convenience fee will apply.

Tell your manager and fill out a Repair Request. If you do not have an on-site manager, call our office and report the Repair Request or use our online form by going to the “Maintenance Request” link under the Contact tab of the website.

In case of fire or flood or other major emergencies, please dial 911. Other maintenance emergencies can be reported to our 24-hour maintenance emergency line at (310) 993-2580 if no one answers.

You will only be billed for repairs if the repair was a direct result of actions that were the tenant’s responsibility.

Unfortunately, lockouts are not an emergency. If you have a resident manager and he or she is not available, you will need to contact a locksmith at your own expense.

If it is during normal business hours you can see your resident manager or come into our office if you do not have an on-site manager. Upon verifying identification, receive another set of keys for $25 for the first key and $5 for every additional key. If it is after hours, you need to call a locksmith and then give a copy of the new key to your manager the next business day.

Jamison Management Company has been in business since 1995. Most of our maintenance personnel have been with our company for several years! During this time we have not had a single complaint about theft in any of the units we manage related to our maintenance workers.

Making deductions in your rent without prior approval can be cause for eviction. The amount of rent due is your contracted amount. There are some situations where rent deductions are allowed, but only if they have been pre-approved by management.

You may get reimbursed for certain repairs only if you have received prior authorization from the office before making the repair and provide a copy of your receipt(s). If you have already made the repair, you may request for a reimbursement with a copy of the receipts but you run the risk of not being reimbursed or only receiving a partial reimbursement.

No. We do not allow tenants to sublet their apartment. If a roommate is planning to move, the new prospective tenant must submit an application and pass our credit check and then a new rental agreement will be signed with the remaining tenants.

No. You must be approved for an apartment on your own merits and creditworthiness. We only allow co-signers if the applicant can provide evidence through a current class schedule that they are full-time students.

No, unless prior permission is granted by the landlord and an additional deposit is paid and a pet addendum is signed.

You may smoke in your apartment but we prefer you to smoke outside, away from other tenant’s windows and doors. If we receive complaints that the smoke from your cigarettes are disturbing other tenants, we will request that you smoke inside your unit.

In most cases the 9-volt battery in your smoke detector needs to be changed. These can be purchased at your local market or hardware store. If you can not reach the smoke detector due to vaulted ceilings, please contact our maintenance department.

Contact the fire department and exit the building. The fire department will notify you when it is safe to go back in the building.

If you have to break your lease, you are still responsible for making your rental payments through the end of your lease term unless we are able to find a new tenant to rent your unit. In that case, you are only responsible for the rent payments until the new tenant moves in. Nonetheless, if you need to break your lease, please call the office as there are some cases in which we will allow you to break your lease.

You need to provide us with 30 days written notice to your resident manager or to our office.

Contact your on-site manager or our office at least 30 days before he/she leaves. Your new roommate must fill out our rental application to determine whether he/she is a qualified candidate for the rental. Then the new tenant and existing tenants will be required to sign a new lease or rental agreement. If you are not planning on adding a new resident, you are responsible for the entire amount of rent. We may also require proof of income to verify that you have the means to rent the unit by yourself.

Your deposit is a joint deposit that remains with the unit until it is vacated. It is the responsibility of the new tenant or remaining tenant to give back the portion of the deposit to the vacating tenant. If you contact our office, we can give guidance as to what deductions may apply. We only issue deposit refund checks when all the tenants are moving out.

Check, Cashiers Check, Online Payment, or Money Orders only.

A security deposit is insurance against anything that might go wrong in your unit while you are a resident. After the move-out inspection, we will determine who is responsible to bring the property back to its original condition prior to you moving in, taking into consideration normal wear and tear. Any cleaning fees incurred to bring your unit to its original condition will be charged against the deposit as it is not considered “normal wear and tear”. Your deposit will be returned to you within 21 days after your move-out date.

No. A tenant must pay his regular rent during his last month of tenancy. However, a landlord may use the security deposit if the tenant defaults by not paying all of his rent before he moves out (Civil Code Section 1950.5 (b)(1).

Keep in mind that your security deposit will be used to restore your rental to a rentable condition. Remember how clean it was? Remember how nice it looked when you moved into it? After anyone moves out, we have all carpets professionally cleaned. The apartment is also professionally cleaned. If you choose to have your own company do this cleaning, please provide us with receipts. This will prevent the cost from coming out of your security deposit. You are entitled to a walk-through before you move out, so we can point out what will be charged.

A 24-hour notice is required and we will always notify you if we are to enter. This notification can be either verbal or written. However, in case of an emergency, the notice requirement may be waived.

If you detect a gas leak smell, call the gas co. immediately as they have a gas leak detector. They usually come out to the property quickly (within an hour) The Gas Co. number is 800-427-2200.

If you move in and your phone line does not work or you do not have a working phone jack, discuss the matter with your phone carrier first to see if they can resolve the problem. If the problem has not been resolved, then tell your manager or call our maintenance department and leave two numbers, a number where to reach you (tenant) and the number of the non-working phone line.

We do not typically allow satellite dishes to be installed on our properties. Please call our office to make a request to install satellite as installing certain types of cable or a satellite dish requires fulfilling all of the terms and condition in our “Satellite Addendum”.

Visitors are limited to 14 days per year. Longer visits must receive written approval.