Regional Manager, Oklahoma

Meet Alondra – Our Trailblazing Regional Supervisor at TMC Property Management, a Division of Jamison Management Company!

Alondra’s journey in the property management realm began in 2014, and since then, she’s been on a remarkable ascent. Starting as a leasing professional, Alondra has navigated the ranks, evolving into an Assistant Manager, Community Manager, and ultimately, our esteemed Regional Supervisor.

Passion is Alondra’s driving force. She doesn’t just lead her team; she empowers them to reach their personal milestones within the industry. Alondra’s commitment extends beyond individual growth; she’s on a mission to see the company soar to new heights.

As a well-connected professional, Alondra is deeply engaged in industry associations. She’s an active member of the Tulsa Apartment Association, the National Apartment Association, and the Tulsa Realtor Association. Holding a significant role in the Government Affairs Committee within these associations, Alondra is not just a participant; she’s a contributor to shaping the property management landscape.

Alondra wears multiple hats with pride – a Real Estate Agent, Certified Apartment Leasing Professional, Certified Apartment Manager and a Certified Apartment Portfolio Supervisor. Her arsenal of skills is a testament to her dedication to excellence in every aspect of property management.

When not orchestrating success in the property management world, Alondra is a globetrotter at heart. Her free time is dedicated to exploring new places around the world, soaking in diverse cultures, and creating timeless memories. Yet, amidst her adventures, Alondra finds joy in spending quality moments with her family.

Alondra’s journey is a testament to the incredible heights one can reach with passion, dedication, and a commitment to continuous growth. Join us in celebrating Alondra – a leader, a professional, and an avid explorer of both the real estate industry and the world!