Director of Operations, California

Ms. Catrina London-Bryant (She/Her) hails from the picturesque landscapes of Northern California’s Bay Area, where her journey began. Though her roots are firmly grounded there, fate guided her family to Southern California during her early teen years, and she has called it home ever since.

Her educational trajectory reflects a diverse range of interests. A graduate of Ontario High School, Catrina embarked on a path that led her to certifications in X-Ray Technology, Certified Nursing Assistant, and Phlebotomy. Seeking broader horizons, she pursued Business Administration at the University of Phoenix.

While her academic focus leaned towards the medical field, destiny had other plans. In the early 2000s, Catrina found herself introduced to the dynamic world of Property Management through networking. What started as an introduction soon blossomed into a passion. With determination and dedication, she ascended the ranks to become a Senior Regional Property Manager at one of the nation’s largest property management firms.

Presently, Catrina assumes the role of Director of Operations at Jamison Management Company, boasting over two decades of industry expertise. Her proficiency extends across conventional, affordable, and commercial property management. Ms. Bryant’s zeal lies in not only providing residents with quality housing and exceptional service but also in surpassing the financial expectations of clients.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Catrina is a fervent advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion within the property management industry. Her love for culture and the arts manifests in a rich tapestry of interests, from music and dance to writing poetry. In the tapestry of her life, she finds joy in the beauty of nature, and in her leisure, she explores the world through travel, cherishes moments with loved ones, and immerses herself in the wonders that surround her.