Maintenance Supervisor, California

Introducing Shannon Jongejan, the cornerstone of our maintenance team and the friendly face behind the title of Maintenance Supervisor. Shannon embodies a unique combination of attributes that make her an invaluable asset to our property.

Whether it’s tackling intricate maintenance tasks or offering support to her colleagues, Shannon’s “can-do” attitude exemplifies her commitment to a collaborative and supportive work environment.

Shannon is more than just a supervisor; she brings a personable touch to our property management team. Her friendly and compassionate demeanor fosters a positive atmosphere both within the maintenance team and in interactions with residents. She doesn’t just meet standards; she consistently raises the bar, ensuring that every facet of our property’s maintenance not only meets but surpasses the highest levels of excellence.

What truly sets Shannon apart is her consistent ability to exceed expectations. In every aspect of our property’s maintenance operations, Shannon goes the extra mile to ensure excellence. Her dedication to surpassing standards ensures that our community not only meets but consistently exceeds the expectations of our residents and clients.

Shannon Jongejan is not just a supervisor; she’s a reliable and personable leader in our maintenance team, consistently going above and beyond to create an environment where both residents and colleagues feel valued. With Shannon at the helm, our maintenance operations are not just a service but a commitment to excellence that defines the essence of our company.