A/P Manager, California

Introducing Shelley-Keith – Our Extraordinaire A/P Manager!

Shelley Keith, our esteemed Accounts Payable professional, has been an integral part of our team since November, 2014. In her role, Shelley takes charge of critical financial responsibilities, ensuring the seamless processing of payments for bills, utilities, vendors, mortgages, insurance, business licenses, and property taxes. Her dedication to maintaining the financial health of our operations is truly commendable.

What sets Shelley apart is not just her tenure but her passion for productivity and her genuine desire to assist others. She finds fulfillment in the dynamic nature of her job, where every payment contributes to the overall success of our property management endeavors.

Shelley’s contributions have not gone unnoticed, as she has been recognized for her outstanding achievements. She proudly earned the Employee of the Year award in both 2017 and 2020, and the Core Value Award in 2018. Beyond her professional accomplishments, Shelley holds the unique designation of an Ordained Minister, showcasing the diversity of talent within our team.

Outside the office, Shelley is an active member of the Torrance Elks Lodge for an impressive 16 years and has been a part of the Ladies of the Elks for 5 years. Her commitment to community and affiliation with these organizations reflects her dedication to making a positive impact beyond the workplace.