By Christie Slatcher, 3/31/2022

A bill was signed into law today by the California senate with a 36-1 vote to extend eviction protections though June 30, 2022 for anyone who has applied for rental assistance through Housing is Key for rent due since the beginning of the eviction moratorium through March 31, 2022.   This extension is being made to provide more time for rent relief payments to disbursed before Landlords can begin eviction proceedings.  However, the bill does not offer any protections for anyone who did not pay their rent during the same period or refused to apply for rental assistance or were denied based on income.  Furthermore, tenants who do not pay their rent due April 1st and beyond are subject to the eviction rules in place prior to the beginning of the pandemic.  AB 2179 also preempts all other local cities and counties, unless they had measures in place prior to August 19, 2020, such as LA City, from extending their own eviction moratorium.