By Christie Slatcher, 11/4/21

What have we been up to this year? Apparently, chasing down outstanding rent. With all the legislation we’ve had to keep up with surrounding the never-ending eviction moratorium, we’ve been keeping extremely busy tracking delinquent rents and helping our clients (and tenants) apply for Rent Relief. To date, we have collected over $785,000. This endeavor has been a huge team effort for all our staff. Between understanding all the legal nuances with each revision of the eviction moratorium, drafting, and posting these New Notices to Pay or Quit, applying for various Rent Relief programs for each tenant, and updating the status of each tenant with these programs every month, collecting the rent relief payments has been a challenging but rewarding undertaking. And as much as we’ve accomplished so far, there is still so much left to do. We still have over $800,000 in our portfolio to collect and at least another three months before the eviction moratoriums ends (currently slated for January 31, 2022). If you have any questions, regarding how these moratoriums are affecting your properties, or the status of any outstanding rents, please let us know.